All Things Are Full of Labor series 2016 - present

The series All Things Are Full of Labor is comprised of large-scale ink drawings created in response to the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, which poetically sets the impermanence and uncertainty of human labor and desire against a backdrop of endless cyclical change in nature. The drawings are made up of concentric rings, each following the imperfections of the line put down before it, and bounded by the full arc of my arm. Each title is accompanied by a bit of the text.


Accretion Diagrams 2016 - present


The Accretion Diagrams, Studies of Permanence, and the Holding Spacetime Open series are all variations on a theme, juxtaposing a buildup of hand-drawn ink lines against a rectilinear grid cutting through the pattern. Each line drawn traces the one put down before, creating unpredictable organic and evolving patterns. For me, these forms relate to such things as sedimentary lines in the landscape, growth rings, and writing, and play with ideas about gradual and unpredictable change (erosion? growth?) as opposed to design and intent.

Studies of Permanence 2018


Holding Spacetime Open series 2017 - present